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A Big HUGE BRAG!!!!!!!

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Pollo Got his CGC today!!!!!!!!!!! he was great! we were at the DARE BBQ - hubby took lots of pic and will post as soon as I down load them - and Pollo did it on his first try!!!

I was so proud of him. He didn't want to sit cuz he ahd been running around and playing with all the other doberkids for about and hour and he was pretty stiff, but he did it any way. He was good as gold for meeting the strange dog, and could not have been better for his stay and his recall.

He got a little miffed at me for leaving hime with a stranger for 3 whole minutes (but a hamburger took care of that). He was just fabulous. So many people there knew his story and they were all cheering for him when we finished. I could not have been prouder of my sweet boy!!

:dancing_b :3dbiggrin :cool2: :beer: :part8: :dan2: :clap2: :emo1: :clap: :tropthy:

I think I burned thru half my cell phone minutes on the way home from the event!

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YAY POLLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a great accomplishment! You should both be very proud!
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:cool2::xyxthumbs :biggthump

WTG POLLO!!! We have all these wonderful dogs on our forum!! I'm proud for all of you!!!!!!!!

Good Boy!!!!!! Make sure your Momma gives you extra luvin's tonight and extra cookies!!
Wonderful News!!!! Congrat's to you and Pollo!!!!!
:dan2: WoW, that's great news good for you two!!!!
Atta boy, Apollo! And a big congrats to Mom.
Ok guys, I am a complete compuer ninny. I could only get the pics up on the gallery (members section not even under my own name oi!) I wish I could put them up on a post to make it easier for you. sorry. but they are in the gallery finally!

Big congrats to Pollo! I love hearing these kinds of stories about rescues!!
Congratulations! You can post pictures by going to photobucket and uploading there and just c/p the image tag into your post.
YAY!!! I wouldnt have a doubt he did perfect! :) He deserves that hamburger! :) Wish we could all through a party together when our dogs do something awesome! :)
Congrats Apollo!! We are all very proud of you!
Congratulations on a job well done!

You guys are motivating me to get Mensa involved in things a little more organized than Rat Coursing.
I would expect no less from a honorary member of the brumwolf pack!Well done Pollo.
:cool2: :chlead: :tropthy: :goodnews:

here's a link to the album I just figured out how to get up on Shutterfly. I hope this works better than my last attempts a computer wizardry!

Works fine CM, great pics,I like the one with all the dobies together in the corral.
Great Pictures! That looks like alot of fun, and they have a very nice area there for the dogs to all play. I love the family pic :D
Thanks guys. I am so glad I was able to figure out a way to share it with you. this is really a super event. it is so nice to go somewhere with the doberkids and mothers are not snatching their children up and running in the house and locking all the doors and shutters and fathers are not gathering up the town folk with pitchforks and torches.

Everybody LOVES dobes and the dogs get along great - even in the corrall. tho plenty of 'referees' are there with super soakers and there is a big hose handy if things get out of hand, but they never have.

One other thing. I got to meet the woman that saved Apollo from being PTS. I started balling my eyes out as soon as she introduced herself. but she came and found me and told me the story. the vet is a very good friend and he said that Apoll was just too sweet to put down for no reason. the people who had him had two kids and another on the way - and another dog too, but chose to put Pollo down for going thru THEIR studpid invisible fence. But Donna, the woman that saved him, was just as wonderful as you could imagine. I tried to explain to her what that doberboy meant to us, but I don't think I really got the words out too well.

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