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OMG I feel your pain. We moved into a new house with two large rock gardens in the back yard. Shortly afterward we got Beckham. Well, he thought the rocks were there just for him to consume. I lost sleep and obsessed over it for about 3 wks. Finally we called the yard men and ask that they come out and removed every rock. Now this was ALOT of rock so the removal wasn't cheap. Then, thinking we would be smart and put in more landscaping..........sooooooooo........we had them haul in hundreds of dollars of black mulch. I agree with Linda H that "this too shall pass". He would eat the mulch like a doggie treat but now at 8 mos. he has stopped eating up my yard or so I think. Good luck, be diligent, and be patient.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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