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You absolutely can use an e-collar to train him to leave rocks alone. It will require your complete focus and decent timing. It is (probably) not necessary to set the collar to more than a mild, interrupting level and the correction should be made when he makes a decision to go for a rock, which is hard to do and where your focus and timing come in.

Like lots of other stuff, you get what you pay for. I would spend the money to get a good collar, since it will have a greater range of levels and probably be more consistant and reliable. Tri-tronics or Dogtra would be my first choices. If you spend the money, you might as well get your money's worth and learn how to incorporate an e-collar into your training... they are far too versitile to limit to simply punishment training.

It is possible that your pup has realized that his obsessing over rocks is a great way to engage you. The e-collar will allow you to disengage and remove the possible payoff of your rushing to deal with the situation.

It is also possible that your pup has OCD tendencies. If this is the case, ANY kind of behavior that falls into this category needs to be noted and corrected as early as possible.

Lots of other cool stuff outside helps... stuff that is better than rocks might include a huge honkin' raw beef femur bone, a block of ice made in a milk jug with all sorts of yummy things frozen throughout, one of those giant exercise balls to chase around... and, YOU! What do you do when you are outside with him? Stand around and wait for him to try to eat rocks, or play? Play tug, play fetch, play tag/chase... just play!

This absolutely is a health and safety issue. He cannot be allowed outside unsupervised unless he is muzzled. If you opt for a muzzle, you want a well-made basket muzzle.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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