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Hmmmm, smell that..sniff - sniff....that is the smell of SPAM!

One post on the site and it is and advertising for an auction.

I will save you guys having to click the link and post what is there

Get your own custom Bite Suit, your own 4 dog trailer for $25!!! Just follow these simple payment steps. 
Tickets are $25.00 each. You may use Pay Pal, phone in credit card #. Check or money order. All payments must be received or post marked 
No later than October, 30, 2005
Phone in credit cards call; 817-483-2026 
Mail your checks to; 
K9PS Raffle, 4901 F.M. 1187, Burleson, Tx . 76028 
The Prizes 
Prize package #1, a CUSTOM designed bite suit!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
After 85 tickets are sold the countdown begins for the second prize in the series. 
Prize package #2, When 115 tickets have been sold we add the second prize, the “PP trainers package”. This consists of, 1 agitation muzzle, 1 intermediate sleeve, 1 hidden sleeve, and 1 leg sleeve!! 
Prize package #3, When 250 tickets have been sold the first prize winner may replace the Custom Suit with a Jones Aluminum 2 dog trailer. The winner may choose either first prize. Second place prize remains the same, “PP trainers package”. 
The ULTIMATE Prize package #4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
With the sale of 400 tickets. 
Third place winner will receive a Tri- Tronics electronic collar!! 
Second place will receive the PP trainers package! 
First place will receive the Jones 4 dog aluminum SchH trailer 
Or the custom bite suit, winners choice!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.