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Okay everyone...the August 2023 theme is Dobes Looking Out Windows!

Also, please note we have placed a "sticky" in this forum with the themes for each month for 2023. This will give everyone a chance to get prepared with their photos!

Submissions will be open for the next 10 days (until August 15th, 2022 5:00 P.M. EST.) To enter, simply embed your photo in your post as a response to this thread. Also, we will be allowing people who win in one month to also enter and win in another month. So you will have two chances throughout the year to enter your photos!

Size of photos to submit in this thread MUST BE 640 x480 or less.

However, the original picture must be approx 3000 x 2000 pixels to enable it
to be large enough to print full size on the calendar. It must also be your own photograph. If you need help resizing or posting your image, contact a moderator and someone will help you.

Once the entries have closed, a moderator (different each month) will select the TOP 10 pictures.

These 10 pictures will then be voted on by the Dobermantalk members by way of a poll and the photo with the greatest amount of votes will be the winner. The poll will be posted for 5 days only.

One entry only per member.

Again, please re-size your photo to the appropriate dimensions before posting it. We have had some complaints about large photographs being posted and we need to keep it to a standard in order to be fair for everyone. If you need help resizing a photo or posting it please don't hesitate to PM a moderator.

Let's see those great action shots!

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Here's my two, watching out for the neighbor's dogs
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Lots of beautiful Dobes here, on duty, doing their jobs, looking out their windows, some onto some marvelous scenery! (y)
Wow, it's hard to top what's been posted already, but I pulled out all the stops and use some connections I had...

Neo and Spock Looking Out The Window! 😮
(Note: They never met, but they would both love this would I...ISS cupola)

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Not an entry, just playing around with Photoshop....... ;)

Post Edit: Our Dobes all seem to be looking for critters out their windows?....Hence, here's a MEME / Faux Promo..... (y)

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