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I was just on the AKC website, looking for CATs in my area, and noticed they had the 2011 title stats listed. Dobes have 19 dogs with a CA, one with a CAA, and no CAX. A Belgian Tervuren, the first dog to get a CA title also had the first CAX. As a breed, they have 7 CAs, 2 CAAs, and one CAX. Cairn Terriers have the second CAX, with 12 dogs having a CA, and one CAA. Boxers have 31 dogs with a CA, but no higher titles. Mixed breeds have 37 dogs with a CA, and 3 with a CAA.

The interesting thing to remember about about the mixed breed stats is that there are lots of purebred dogs registered every year, but most of them never compete in anything, whereas most of us probably listed our mixed breeds strictly because we want to compete with them. I'm thinking that there is a higher percentage of listed mixed breeds with titles than any registered breed. I'm looking forward to seeing the full annual report, listing all the registration and tile stats.
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