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2007 Whole Dog Journal Food List

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2007 Approved Foods - Dry
WDJ’s Selection Criteria for DRY Food
• We look for foods that contain a lot of high-quality animal proteins. We’d love manufacturers to disclose the percentage of meat, poultry, or fish in theirfood, but they rarely do, so we look for foods that appear to have lots of animalprotein. Ingredients are listed by weight, so ideally a food will have one or twoanimal proteins in the first few ingredients. Understand that whole meat (chicken, beef, lamb, etc.) contains a lot of water weight. If a food list starts out with chicken (rather than chicken meal), and there is no other animal protein listed until 7th or 8th on the list, the food does not actually contain a lot of animal protein. But if it starts out with chicken, and chicken meal (or another named animal meal, such as lamb meal) is number two or three on the list, chances are the product contains an admirable amount of animal protein. Animal proteins tend to be more palatable and bioavailable than plant proteins and offer a wider array of essential and nonessential amino acids.
• We reject any food containing meat by-products or poultry by-products. It’s just about impossible to ascertain the quality of by-products used by a food manufacturer. We’ve spoken to representatives who swore they used only the finest sources of by-products, but when asked, they all say that! The fact is, there is a much wider range of quality in the by-products available for pet food manufacturing than there is for whole meats. Whole meats are expensive, and because they are expensive, dog food makers insist on their quality to an extent that is unreasonable when buying bargain-basement by-products. So we advise that you just avoid foods that contain by-products.
• We reject foods containing fat or protein not identified by species. “Animal fat” is a euphemism for a low-quality, low-priced mix of fats of uncertain origin. “Meat meal” could be practically anything.
• We look for whole grains and vegetables. That said, some grains and vegetables have valuable constituents that accomplish specific tasks in a dog food formula. We don’t get too excited about one vegetable fragment and one grain byproduct on the ingredients panel. Our tolerance diminishes in direct proportion to the number of fragments and by-products contained in a food and the prominence on a label; the more there are, and/or the higher they appear on the ingredients list, the lower-quality the food.
• We eliminate all foods with artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives listed on their ingredients panels. A healthy product full of top-quality ingredients shouldn’t need non-nutritive additives to make it look or taste better. And plenty of good natural preservatives (such as rosemary, and vitamins A and C) can be used instead.
• We eliminate all foods with added sweeteners. Dogs, like people, enjoy sweet foods. Like people, they can develop a taste for these nutritionally empty calories.
• We look for products containing organic ingredients. That’s a no-brainer.

Addiction Foods - Wild Kangaroo & Apples Formula
Artemis - Power Formula
Azmira - Classic Formula
Back to Basics - Chicken Formula
Bench and Field Holistic Natural Canine - Chicken Formula
Blue Buffalo - Chicken Formula
Burns - Fish and Brown Rice Formula
California Natural - Chicken Formula
Canidae - All life stages Formula
Canine Caviar - Lamb and Pearl Millet Formula
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul - Adult Formula
Cloud Star - Baked Holistic Kibble Formula
Drs Foster and Smith - Lamb Formula
Eagle Pack Holistic Select - Fish and Oatmeal Formula
Evanger's Super Premium - Pheasant & Brown Rice Formula
Evolve - Maintenence Formula
Firstmate - Ultra Premium Naturally Holistic Formula
Foundations - Chicken and Vegetable Formula
Fromm 4 Star - chicken a la Veg Formula
Go Natural - Chicken, Fruit & Vegetable Formula
Hund-N-Flocken - Lamb Formula
Innova - Turkey Formula
Innova Evo - Grain-Free Turkey Formula
Karma Organic - Chicken Formula
Lick your Chops - Adult Maintenance Formula
Life4K9 - Oven-Baked Chicken & Barley Formula
Lifespan - Chicken Formula
Merrick Pet Foods - Cowboy Cookout Formula
Mmillennia - Beef Formula
Natual Balance Organic - Organic Formula
Natural Balance Ultra Premium - Ultra Premium Formula
Nature BrightLife - Chicken Formula
Nature Organics - Chicken Formula
Newmans Own Organics - Adult Chicken Formula
NutriSource - Adult Formula
Organix - Organiz Canine Formula
Petguard Organic - Organic Vegeterian Formula
Performatrin Ultra - Chicken Formula
PHD Viand - Canine Growth & Maintenance Formula
Pinnacle - Trout and Sweet Potato Formula
Prairie by Natures Variety - Venision Formula
Premium Edge - Chicken Formula
Prime Life Plus - Prime Life PLus Formula
Raw Instincts by Natures Variety - Grain-Free Chicken Formula
Royal Canin Natural Blend - Adult Formula
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet - Potato & Rabbit Formula
Showbound Naturals - Chicken Formula
Timberwolf Organics - Lamb and Barley Formula (NO organic ingred)
Ultra Holistic by Nutro- Adult Formula
VeRUS - Advanced OptiCoat Diet Formula
Wellness - Fish and Sweet Potato Formula
Wellness Simple Food Solutions - Venision Formula
Wenaewe - Adult Formula
Wysong - Anergen Formula
Zinpro - Skin & Coat Formula

2007 Approved Foods - Canned
WDJ’s Selection Criteria for CANNED Food
Here’s how we determine whether a wet food is truly “premium.” ■ We eliminate foods containing artificial colors, flavors, or added preservatives.
■ We reject foods containing fat or protein not identified by species. “Animal fat” and “meat proteins” are euphemisms for lowquality, low-priced mixed ingredients of uncertain origin.
■ We reject any food containing meat byproducts or poultry by-products. There is a wide variation in the quality and type of by-products that are available to pet food producers. And there is no way for the average dog owner (or anyone else) to find out, beyond a shadow of a doubt, whether the by-products used are carefully handled, chilled, and used fresh within a day or two of slaughter (as some companies have told us), or the cheapest, lowest-quality material found on the market. There is some, but much less variation in the quality of whole-meat products; they are too expensive to be handled carelessly.
■ We eliminate any food containing sugar or other sweetener. Again, a food containing quality meats shouldn’t need additional palatants to entice dogs.
■ We look for foods with whole meat, fish, or poultry as the first ingredient (and perhaps the second and third ingredients, too!) on the label. (Just as with food for humans, ingredients are listed on the label by the total weight they contribute to the product.) If water is the first ingredient on a canned food label, that product had better have something else really special going for it.
■ If grains or vegetables are used, we look for the use of whole grains and vegetables, rather than a series of reconstituted parts, i.e., “rice,” rather than “rice flour, rice bran brewer’s rice,” etc.

Addiction Foods - Venison & Avocado
Advanced Pet Diets - APD Select Choice Chicken & Rice
Artemis - Beef Avo-Derm - Original Skin and Coat
Azmira - Beef and Chicken
Blue Buffalo - Chicken
Boulder Creek Farms - Ground beef
California Natural - Salmon & Sweet Potato
Canidae - Chicken, Lamb and Fish
Chicken Soup or the Pet Lover’s Soul - Adult Chicken
Drs. Foster & Smith - Lamb & Brown Rice
Eagle Pack Holistic Select - Chicken
Entree For Dogs - Chicken, Vegetables & Rice
Evanger’s For Dogs - Duck & Sweet Potato Dinner
Evolve - Turkey
Fromm Four Star Nutritionals - Beef
Innova - Adult
Innova Evo - Grain-Free Evo 95% Beef
Lamaderm - Lamb
Lick your Chops - Adult Maintenance
Merrick - Thanksgiving Day Dinner
Natural Balance - Beef
Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs - Irish Stew
Natural Life - Adult Chicken
Nature Organics - Organic Turkey, Sweet Potato & Peas
Neura Meats - 95% Beef
Newman’s Own Organics - Chicken
Nutro Natural Choice - Chicken, Rice & Oatmeal
Organix - Adult Organic Turkey
Performatrin Ultra - Chicken & Wild Rice Stew
Petguard Organic - Organic Chicken and Veggies
Pet Promise - “Chicken & Brown Rice
Pinnacle - Trout & Sweet Potato
Prairie by Nature’s Variety - Grain-Free 95% meat, Beef Formula
Precise Plus - Foundation Formula Adult
Sensible Choice - Turkey & Rice Adult
Showbound Naturals - Chicken
Solid Gold - Turkey and Fish
Spot’s Stew - Great for dogs with kidney problems
Triumph - Chicken, Rice & Vegetable
VeRUS - Chicken & Rice
Wellness - Chicken and Sweet Potato
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hey thanks for for the canned food...we get Merrick...but a bunch of different the thanksgiving dinner the only one recommended? or is it just the best choice...but the others are wholesome as well...
I believe they just use one from each vendor. Just like the Canidae dry kibble, they have a few varieties, but only one is listed.
Kratty said:
I believe they just use one from each vendor. Just like the Canidae dry kibble, they have a few varieties, but only one is listed.
I was wondering the same thing Lapdog asked. I use Canidae ALS for one dog and my older one eats the Platinum. So your saying WDJ says both are good even tho they just list ALS.
I also thank you for posting the list. I've been waiting on it for a several months. I have been trying to tell the place I buy Canidae from that Nutro is not a quality food and they have been saying it was on the WDJ list last year. I couldn't find the list, so been waiting on this years.
Again, thank you, Kratty.:cool2:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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