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Adopt a Pet :: Yuki the Dobie - Fresno, CA - Doberman Pinscher

A few weeks ago I rescued a male and female Doberman from a dumping situation. I brought them in, spayed and neutered them, shots etc... And did evaluations on them. I have had many dog reactive dogs here and worked with many. I absolutely cannot turn around this female. I placed her in a home with a dominant intact male Dobie in hopes that things would chill for her and she dominated him to all levels. I have tested her with every kind of dog and she gives almost no signs and attacks random dogs.

My home references are very slim for " no other dogs" in the household. I also have family and friends potty dogs when I am out and cannot chance a " oops" moment. This girl is even more reactive on leash and behind a fence. With this said she is a awesome people and kid dog. Loves loves loves family. She is crate trained now and working on housebreaking.

I am willing to donate a 40 lbs bag of dog food for her and as I said she is already spayed etc.. is there any way possible anyone can take her? She will be at Kings County Animal Control in care of Teri Rockhold if she is not able to go somewhere in the next few days. Teri has stated she willl hold her for a short period of time if a rescue can make room for her. I absolutely cannot keep her at my house for a long period of time again. I am willing to hold her for a few days so she does not have to endure the stresses of the shelter or sickness from a shelter. Anyone have any other suggestions? The doberman rescues have been contacted and state they are full. The local shelters can't take her because they cannot separate her from others. I have ads all over the place. Adoptapet, petfinder, craigslist plus many friends and family! Anyone???
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