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2 Years for Gunner!

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Two years ago today we adopted Gunner! The shelter said he was 9 yrs of age.....which my vet disputed, and at the time, he was like a different dog. Very underweight, poor body language and quite indifferent to everything. Little did I know what an AWESOME dog he would be! He has one of the best temperments I have come across and as most Dobermans, he just wants to be with 'his people'. Oh and as with many Dobermans, wow is he gassy!!!! We've had our two health scares this year, bloat and surgery for possible cancer (which came back negative) and we are grateful to have him. When we adopted him, we weren't sure how long he would be with us and we just wanted to give him a good life. I can't believe 2 yrs have passed already!

We are going to do something special for him this weekend.....haven't figured it out yet but we will see! Didn't really do anything today because it's the third anniversary of my father's death. But I like to look at it as not only a sombre day but a wonderful day too because of Gunner!
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Awesome! Now you know you can't post without pictures!!

Sounds like Gunner is a wonderful people person dog...very nice.

It's sweet that your planning something special for his birthday.
- our girl will be 11 in a few months...maybe I will take her on a wooded trail walk (just thinking out loud)
Happy "Gotcha" Day Gunner! He was very lucky to have found such a great forever home.
Happy 2nd. Gotcha Day Anniversary! :)

Senior Rescues are the BEST! Hugz to Gunner!

sorry for the loss of your Dad.
take him to petco and let him pick out something . congrats on his birthday take lots of pics
Congrats!! Let the celebration begin!!:butfly:
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