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I pushed it a bit this weekend and tried her in 5 runs a day (not my best decision :)) Overall, she went 5 for 10. We had some moments of brilliance and some what was I THINKING (i.e., me entering her in Snooker, we aren't ready for that with all the call offs). She got her CL2-F and CL2-H titles and had the most fantastic run ever I think in JWW. THere aren't many 24" dogs so I think every time she Qd she got first place. We Qd in Level 2 JWW, Level 2 Wildcard, Level 2 Colors, Level 2 Jackpot, Level 2 Standard. I learned if I RUN, she RUNS --hmmm imagine that :)

A few of our runs
flirtjww-2.mp4 video by vizsladobe - Photobucket

STD (I missed that darn dog walk 2 runs in a row...bad handler)

flirtstd-3.mp4 video by vizsladobe - Photobucket

2 of my Vizsla favorite runs were literally at the end of the weekend, after running 11 runs each day and BACK TO BACK. As in hubby hold one dog while I ran and tossing me the other one :) I also had a 3 minute break from 2 STD runs with 2 dogs in between :) And I did 2 serpentines which I SUCK At. Both Vs went 5 for 6 over the weekend

havjww-1.mp4 video by vizsladobe - Photobucket

gabbyjww-1.mp4 video by vizsladobe - Photobucket

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Congrats! Great runs :)

I am so jealous of how many classes/venues you guys have!! We just have NZKC and the only classes are Jumpers A,B,C and agility starters, novice, intermediate and senior.
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Congrats! I think my agility teacher must have been at the same trial (she was happy about her dog and something snooker). Flirt looks so composed on the field!
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