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2-3 pounds normal weight for 6 week old?

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I ordered a dobie from a pet store, and they said to put a 300 deposit and they´d have one for me the next day. it was 3 days later, they called and I went over there, and it was a boy (I´d asked for a girl) and was in a small cat crate. Cute sweet puppy, but tried to nurse my shirt immediately when I picked it up and was starved acting. Ribby and pot belly, and maybe 3 pounds. Black and tan, tail cropped. It´s little head maybe the size of a golf ball with a nose sticking out. I said, "is this going to be a full sized doberman??" They insisted yes and told me to pay another 350 which I did, and took the little guy home. I looked at pictures on the site and this dog doesn´t seem big enough. Took it back and the lady who owns the store was irrate and said the dog would grow, it´s only 6 weeks but if I want a bigger dog she will take it back and get me an older one. I said, I don´t want "older" necessarily, I want bigger for the age of the dog, this one doesn´t appear to even get close to breed standard. She said if I wanted a pedigreed doberman with papers that met breed standard I would pay twice more. This one she says doesn´t have papers. Is this normal???
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I presume you live in another country, as it is a very bad idea to buy a puppy from a pet store, and it is being banned more and more.

Six weeks is way too young to get the pup.

You should do some reading on here and decide if you can afford to buy a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder, or maybe checkout doberman rescue.
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Yes, I´m an american living in Mexico. I had a doberman many years ago in USA in the early 1980s and he was the best dog ever. I have an adopted stray border collie who is getting old and grey here at the farm, and a young min-pin house dog who I did buy at the same pet store here 2 yrs ago. Bought 2 minpins actually and one had some bizarre bone/hip thing where the bone didn´t grow and died and then the dog died after I had it 2 months. Getting dogs at pet stores is pretty much the way dogs are sold here as far as I can tell. lived here for 11 years. I should have known better after one bad experience at that store, but the other dog I got there is fantastic. Does anyone know a reputable breeder in southern Mexico?? I just kissed my 650 goodbye and left the little pup at the store. He didn´t look very healthy. What age is best to get a pup and what´s a normal price to pay for a Doberman these days??
There was someone else on here from Mexico and I don't believe she was able to find a reputable breeder. I believe she ended up with a BYB puppy.

I'm sure you want to have your dobe around for a long time, so health testing of the parents would be something I'd really want.

I just don't know if you'll find that in Mexico.

Perhaps some of the people living in the Southern US will have some suggestions of where to start.
There are some breeders in Mexico, but I am drawing a blank right now. Glad you didn't take the pup home. Supporting a pet store is never a good idea.

Your pup should be 8 weeks when you get him/her and usually they will weight 15-20lbs by that time.

A well bred pet from the states will run you 1500-2500 USD. Not sure what the cost is from Mexican breeders.
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You should report the Pet Store, thats awful :( A new law is going to be put into place in Ontario where no pet store is allowed to sell animals, only licensed breeders, and i think it should be that way worldwide.
I will bet you any amount of money she sold you a mini pinscher that was way too young to be separated from its mama and is trying to pass it off as a doberman. just my thoughts. I would return the dog imediately, taking a dog at six weeks is just asking for personality problems later. That's way too early.
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