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15mth Dobie not had 1st season...

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My female dobie who is now 15months has not had a season. I have kept a watchful eye on her from the age of 6 months and nothing at all. When she was 1 years I mentioned this to my vet and she told me not to worry it will happen. 5 months later nothing. I am thinking about taking her back to the vet. Can anyone help me with this. Why is it taking so long, is there any possible cause or problems relating to this. She is a very fit, energetic dog. Eats well and basically healthy and in tip top condition. I would like her to be spayed but prefer her to have her first season.
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My girl was 16 mos old when she had her first heat.
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My girl was 16 mos old when she had her first heat.
Thank you I may just be worrying over nothing. Never had a female at this age and not had first season. I thought it a bit odd.
If you are in contact with her breeder, ask her/him when they lines typically come in.

My vizslas have come in at 15 months and 22 months but so did their dams.
She may have also had a silent heat. I agree with Adara, contact you breeder and enquire about her mother. =]
My girl was almost 16 mo. no worries
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