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13 month old dobe eats food so fast

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i cant get my doberman to eat slower and it causes her to throw it back up. i only feed her 1 1/2 - 2 cups in the morning one at night
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When Parker was eating like he hadn't had food for a week, I switched to a baking dish which has a lot more surface area. The kibble was spread out so he couldn't grab mouthfuls of food.

You can use something like a glass square or round cake pan. I wouldn't use metal, but go with the glass.

There are also special dog bowl with little knobs and things so you dog has to pick around them to get the food, but the baking dish was easier as I just used one I had at home already.
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Yeah, my dog is the same. it seems like shes not even chewing sometimes, so i got her a big flat casserole dish now she has to take her time to eat it because its spread over a greater surface. She cant just slam her whole head into the food and trough on it .

You know what I Find works really, really amazing is the giant Kongs (my boys scarf otherwise). First it helps to slow them down, second it stimulates their very intelligant minds and keeps them entertained (at least until they get good at it), and thirdly it also helps to keep them on a balanced portion of food, my mini aussie has a huge eating problem and I never knew how much to feed him, the Kong I give him medium one in morning and at night, and he has been a healthy weight since.
Here is a link on how to stuff a kong.

ASPCA - Virtual Pet Behaviorist - How to Stuff a KONG Toy
I use this Everlasting Fun Ball interactive treat dispensing toy for dogs - Fits about 1 1/4 cups and keeps her busy for 15 minutes or so. She loves it and prefers it over eating really fast from her bowl. Just have to make a custom funnel to get the kibble in.

Heard great stuff about this too - StarMark Bob-A-Lot interactive toy for dogs
thaNKS guys ill give it a try
Sometimes I will use one of Parker's Bad Cuz balls. The squeaker finally fell into the ball and I was looking at it one day thinking it would make a great treat ball. I usually just put one cup in, don't know how much it would hold, but probably not much more than that.
He rolls it around and eats the food that falls out. He will roll it till it is empty. It works really well.:)
I use muffin tins or a flat cookie sheet. Food dispensing toys do not slow Flirt's motions down and she starts getting frantic and gulping air and getting spastic. not what I want during eating time :)
my 7 month old eats like she has never seen food before, as did both of my other girls, but as time goes they slow down and eat like normal dogs.
Indy eats very fast as well. I bought a bowl at PetValu that has four compartments and it really slows him down.
I used something similar to the everlasting ball for mine when he did that - seemed to help, and kept them occupied for more than 60 seconds!
What kind of food are you feeding ? I do not think 3 cups of food in one day is enough for a 13 month old they might be really hungry, might be going though a grow spurt. If you are feeding a low quality food you need to feed more.Even feeding a good quality food I always feed 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups in the evening. They have Break bowls, also feed from a cookie sheet or a muffin pan. What i did to slow Buddy down I hand fed him good bonding experience when he got to where he ate slower I put the food in the bowl a little at a time then later I just fed him from his bowl. Good Luck
i know its a late reply but pistol scarfs as if she wont be able to eat for a week. I put her food in a knee high bucket with three 3x2 inch cork lids. she has to eat around the lids, its really funny to watch because some times she will stop stare and then remove the lids one by one with an annoyed look lol!! smart girl! If its any indication on super hight calorie food i still have to feed her 6 cups of food a day to keep the weight on. The vet said she will be that way for another year.
Dobys love their foods! they want NO one else to eats it lol!
They make bowls specially designed for this as well. We have a tiny kitchen, and a baking sheet takes up a lot of room (and bending over is getting harder and harder these days). I believe they're called brake fast bowls. I got ours at petco.
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