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12 week old with leaning ears...will they stand?

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Hi guys,

I am new to the forums but I did search before deciding to post this...but since there seems to be an incredible amount of knowledge available here, I thought it better to explain my situation...

I am looking at a 12 week old male that has already been cropped. Since this would be my first Dobe, I'm not in the position to say whether it was a good or bad crop, all I can determine (from the searching I have done) is that it appears to be in between a short and medium crop. His ears are leaning/folding (I would loosely compare the lean of his ears to a Jack Russell) and my question is do you think that if I do end up making him a part of my family, can I get his ears to stand? I saw alot of threads that talked about posting until 6 months or when teething ends, and since he's still young, I'm thinking the chance of success will be high. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
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Honestly, I wouldn't expect a 12 week old pup's ears to stand!!! Myla's ears are only NOW starting to stand more then a few minutes after taping, and she's 5 months old! Mind you she has a lonnng show crop, but still.:goodnews: I wouldn't let the ears stop you from letting him join the family, you still have LOTS of time for taping!
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i must have gotten lucky with my pup because his ears were standing at four months and havent been taped since. he also has the long style crop. once and a while the one ear will lean in...after sleeping on it or if its windy outside. other then that they seem perfect.
so I will be taping his ears for at least a few more months anyway? What's the average age to stop taping? I just wasn't sure if his ears not being taped liberally up until this point would lead to them not standing when he does reach adulthood...
There have been members here that didn't even have their pups ears cropped until 16 weeks; although that is much later than normal. Chaz had Mensa's ears posted for what seemed like FOREVER - I think I've read before that you pretty much post them until they stand...
Mensa's were posted for six and a half months, and I've heard of Dobies having to be posted even longer than that. I've also heard of them being done in six weeks. I don't think there's any real way to tell until after you're done.

Just keep posting until you think you're done, then post them again to be on the safe side. It's alot of work, but it WILL pay off. Mensa recieves a ton of compliments on her ears now.
I think you have plenty of time! Just be sure to get some help posting the first few times, or get us on here to coach you. You need to post until at least teething is done, meaning all adult teeth in, that is around the 6 month mark. Petey was posted until 6.5 months old and is currently 7 months old(still has one baby to the adult tooth!) , I've had to put Breathe Right Strips in his ears to strengthen the tips. I'd still post him, but he has started swimming everyday and tampons and water don't mix too well ;-) !

Can't wait to see pictures!!!

Carol & Petey!
I don't think you're too late. Post them - they'll probably stand just fine; you'll just have to see. I posted Drago until he as 8.5 months old (~6.5 months total). Good luck, Tracy
I think at only 12 weeks, you should be able to get the ears to stand with good posting. If it is not a very long crop, it may not take a great deal of time. It depends on the crop, the ear leather, and how diligent you are about posting............ and doing a good job posting.
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I'm taping two puppies right now. At 12 weeks they should stand for awhile right after you take the tape off, but sometimes will learn and flop after a few hours. DON'T let this happen, just clean thier ears, let them dry for 10 mins and re-tape them back up for 4-5 days and do it all over again.

It's not only about standing really, the ear leather will start to get stiff so you will have more stable ears. Ones that won't flop around so much. This takes a while to achieve. But alot of people post until they cut all thier Adult teeth around 6 months. I have thought I was done so many times and then thier ears would start falling, or tipping in. Do you know how to tape ears? Can you post pictures of your pups crop? Depending on the length of the ears we could tell you how long aprox you will be taping.
my pups ears would stand for several hours after taping and then one would slowly fold inward
How old was he when he had the crop done?

I think (from what I've learned here on DT) that he is at the prime age of having it done and definitely if he even had the crop done a few weeks ago to start posting now would be ideal (he needed a week or so to heal his wounds anyway) Then post and adjust the posts as needed for perfection (just in case the tips are leaning too close or too far away or too forwards or backwards), for as long as HE needs for it to be done.
I think that this pup still has time to have the ears posted. We were not done with either of our pups at that age. If it has been a while since they have been posted it might take a bit longer to get them to stand but it certainly is not unreasonable to expect that they will stand given some time and persistence. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
DID YOU GET THE PUP??? We need proof!

Carol & Petey!

Thank you to everybody who posted in reply to my questions! Sorry it took so long for me to post again, I've been having a problem with my username not logging in. I picked him up this week and he has been doing great so far. I'm working on taping, doing pretty well (I think) for a first timer. I attached a picture of him (I don't have a URL to paste a picture from...what's the easiest way to do that?) so you all can see him. He's 15.5 weeks old now, and growing every day haha. The pic is when I first got brought him home so there's no tape on his ears yet :)
picture quality is bad, i'll get some more soon...


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The easiest way for get a URL is to use a photo hosting site like Go there sign up, and upload you photo's, they will automatically give you URL's for your pictures.

I can not tell anything by the picture. But Taping needs to begin as soon and the edges are all healed and scab free. LuvBirds59 gave you a great link for taping/posting tips. And you can always ask here as well. If you are unsure about anything. Don't be affraid to ask. The chances of his ears standing without being taped are poor. But it's not too late, and his ears have a great chance to stand providing your willing to put the work into them.
is he a RED BOY??? I'm so glad you got him!!!!

Carol & Petey!
yep :) red n rust. he's an incredible little (big!) guy. he loves other dogs, cats, and really loves to go for walks. i couldnt be happier with him! here's a better pic i took yesterday when i gave him a little play break in between changing tape/posts.


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