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- 12 days and potty obviously have a very smart puppy
You don't need "bitter apple" to stop leather & fine wood chewing...just bandaide training.
My girl, tried to chew the computer cord on day2 (@ 8 weeks old) very sharp NO, corrected the problem.
- never to venture to the computer cord again.
Given lots of toys, loving play and constant supervision...we had zero furniture destruction.
- and she could be left unsupervised on her own, in the freedom of an entire house at 4.5 pup months old

Back in 1977, with my first dog, she ate the loveseat & corner of our coffee table / not trusted alone till 1 y/o.
- but this was the dog I learned my lessons from & the dog I learned to train
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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