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I got this from a web site..
I really can relate to almost all of these. I thought it was great even though it is long.
101 (& then some) Reasons Why We Love Dobermans

1. Dobermans give you unconditional love.
2. They can catch a frisbee in mid-air.
3. They like to sit in the driver's seat of your car.
4. They love to go for rides in the car, even if they have to be seatbelted in.
5. They can tell you EXACTLY where the cookies and carrots are.
6. They pretend to "not like" the new baby, but secretly give him kisses and steal his pacifier.
7. It's never too early or too late to "get the kitties" in the back yard.
8. The way they lay their head on your shoulder as you're driving.
9. The way their ears lay flat when they've done something wrong.
10. Dobermans let you know when it's time for supper.
11. They learn to spell...P-A-R-K, F-O-O-D, H-U-N-G-R-Y, R-I-D-E, C-A-R-R-O-T, C-O-O-K-I-E...
12. They don't mind sharing the bed with you, your family, or another dog.
13. The way they shred your latest JC Penney Catalog.
14. They like to play tag with the local squirrels.
15. They don't mind sand in their mouth as they dig up a frisbee on the beach.
16. They don't mind if you cry.
17. They CAN read your mind.
18. They don't mind a parakeet and cockatiel grooming the hairs on their head.
19. They let you know when the Diaper Genie is full.
20. Dobermans have velvet ears.
21. The way their whole back end wiggles when they wag their tail (or nub).
22. The way they bark when Chinese food is delivered to your home.
23. The way they smell after a bath.
24. The way they howl when you play the harmonica.
25. They can pick-pocket a cookie out of any vet's pocket.
26. The way their toenails click on the kitchen floor.
27. They don't mind the funny nicknames we give them.
28. The way they run just ahead of you when you're hiking.
29. They way they swim (or should I say...don't swim).
30. Dobermans can clean the dirty dishes for you in the kitchen sink.
31. They don't complain about the leftovers.
32. They are tall enough to eat the sandwich crusts left in the baby's highchair.
33. The way they help you plant (or should I say uproot) your garden.
34. They like "cow-pies".
35. They can give you real putting their long arms around your neck.
36. No matter how many people are already on the couch, they always make enough room for themselves too.
37. They hop like rabbits in deep snow.
38. They chase armadillos out of your campsite at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground.
39. They LOVE to go to school.
40. Dobermans like to pull the eyeballs out of your children's stuffed animals.
41. They like to bark their order in any drive-thru window.
42. The way they take up the whole bed and leave a tiny spot for you. (L&J)
43. The way they are forever forgiving. (L&J)
44. Their loyalty and love. (L&J)
45. Their wonderful Doberkiss's. (L&J)
46. They love to help with household chores, especially "vaccuuming" under the living room table. (LB)
47. They spin 'round and 'round (it makes me dizzy to watch) at bye-bye time, at dinner time.... (VM)
48. They will get your attention even when you try to ignore them. (VM)
49. How you think their bladder will explode because they don't want to go out in the rain. (VM)
50. Dobermans are so sneaky at stealing frozen horse "road apples". ([email protected])
51. They're much softer and warmer than an electric blanket. ([email protected])
52. They make a room smell so "doberish" when their "methane gas" rises. ([email protected])
53. They can fit their velvety body into the teensiest spot in the bed... and make it grow... while your spot shrinks. ([email protected])
54. A Doberman means never having to go to the bathroom alone. ([email protected])
55. Doberkids speed things up while walking down a hallway by "dober-goosing". ([email protected])
56. They can make you feel so guilty when you're having dinner. ([email protected])
57. They can make your GUESTS feel guilty for eating dinner in front of them. ([email protected])
58. They can "snit out" and erase you... 'till they get what they want. ([email protected])
59. They can chew up your couch and make YOU feel guilty. ([email protected])
60. Dobermans are born with a gene that will cause them to "melt in the rain". ([email protected])
61. Their velvety ears, soft nose, and sweet sighs make life worth living. ([email protected])
62. The Doberman velcro 'lean'. (LS)
63. The pathetic look they give you when begging for food. (LS)
64. The regal way they lay on the sofa, with their front paws crossed. (LS)
65. The gentle way they will "mother" something (like an injured baby squirrel). (LS)
66. The 'indignant' look. (LS)
67. The 'tell off' bark when you aren't quick enough to heed their beck and call! (LS)
68. The way they back up to a sofa to sit down, with their butt on sofa and back legs dangling like a little human. (LS)
69. When YOU go camping to rough it ,THEY would rather not...sleeping on YOU is much better than sleeping on the tent floor. (VM)
70. The way they make funny faces and funny twitches when they dream. (VM)
71. Dobermans give little love bites on the "derriere". (VM)
72. The way their teeth begin to chatter (and loud too!) when they are excited or upset. (VM)
73. The way they use your living room for a race-track or obstacle course.
74. The way they bark with food in their mouths.
75. The way they splash at the waves on the beach.
76. They like to play "tag"...but you're always "it".
77. The way they help you with the laundry by eating the toes out of your dirty socks and middles out of your dirty underwear.
78. The way they tilt their head when you speak to them.
79. They never have "bad hair days".
80. Dobermans love to curl up in "sun-spots" on the floor.
81. The way they really don't try very hard to disguise the fact that they have a forbidden bottlecap in their mouths, even though you may not notice that fact as you groom, pet, or stack them. (BP)
82. The way they let you "nanny your children" that they think they gave birth to. (BW)
83. The way they wiggle their "eyebrows".
84. The way they sigh when dozing off to sleep.
85. The way they carry around stuffed animals as if they were their own children.
86. The way their jowls flap in the breeze as their head sticks out the car window.
87. The way they stop, smile, and pose when they see you with the camera.
88. The way they tell you that the food is ready on the grill.
89. They way they beg to lick the bowl of cake batter.
90. Dobermans don't care who wins the Super Bowl as long as they get a half-time snack like everyone else.
91. They know how to knock the phone receiver off it's hook when it's time to do Internet communications. (AS)
92. They love three foot long puffs to shake and nurse. (AS)
93. You don't need an alarm clock when you have a Dobe in the house. (AS)
94. The way they decide it's time to play soccer during your favorite TV program. (AS)
95. Dobermans are even more afraid of thunderstorms than me! (MK)
96. The way they curl up and gently rest their head on your knee or your foot while you do just about anything. (MK)
97. The way they must sit on your feet in public. (MK)
98. The way they sit in the middle or at the top of the stairs, surveying all that is theirs. (MK)
99. No need to send those apple cores, pear cores,or potato peels to the compost bin when you have a doberman in the family.
100. The way they stalk, chase, and catch flying bugs.
101. Dobermans are my best friends. (SM)

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2. They can catch a frisbee in mid-air.

That should be changed to They can catch a frisbee in mid-air IF they decide they want to catch a frisbee in mid-air other than that they like being hit in the head with it when it comes flying at them:p

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52. They make a room smell so "doberish" when their "methane gas" rises. ([email protected])
I couldn't stop laughing at this one

72. The way their teeth begin to chatter (and loud too!) when they are excited or upset. (VM)
Gracie does this all the time

101. Dobermans are my best friends. (SM)
:D :D :D :D :D :D
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