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  1. Obedience, Agility, and Working Sports
    I wanted to share this with you all because it's always GREAT to see a good Doberman turnout at our seminars. This will be our third annual IPO seminar with Joanne Fleming. Many of you know her and know she's GREAT! February 17, 18 and 19th about an hour north of Dallas at Red River Working...
  2. Breeding and Breeders
    Hello!! Does anyone know of any good working line breeders in Michigan?? Surrounding states are also acceptable. I would really like to do agility, and flyball and such, with my future dobe. Rather than showing in a normal show ring.
  3. Obedience, Agility, and Working Sports
    :idea:I have an 11 month old male Doberman from working lines. He is from Von Bayern (del pais baviera) kennels in Germany. I have been very pleased with him. He is not afraid of anything and was showing dominant characteristics from a very early age. He seems to bite very seriously (to inflict...
  4. New member introduction
    Does anybody know of a quality workinq doberman breeder in europe or own a doberman from a kennel that specialises in the working doberman i.e protection - police work.
  5. Breeding and Breeders
    Hello everybody! Do Zarzallo is a spanish kennel that breeds dobermanns of working bloodlines. We love dogsport, specially Mondioring! If you want more information about Do Zarzallo, you can visit the official website: DO ZARZALLO Best regards! :) Dany.
1-7 of 7 Results