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wobblers syndrome

  1. Post Ventral Slot Surgery

    Doberman Health
    We are about 3 1/2 mo post Ventral Slot Surgery for IVDD and about 3 wks ago this started. When he gets up from sleeping, resting or even just lying down for a while he hangs his head down and his neck is stiff. It always goes away after a few minutes but I am concerned. I do have a msg in to...
  2. Heartbroken Wobbler (Recent Diagnosis)

    Doberman Health
    Here is my situation and any responses would be so greatly appreciated. Not only am I a fairly new Dobie Mom (less than 1 year and ½) but on top of that I am potentially dealing with a disease that is rare apparently in my area (Hampton Roads, VA) that my long time Vet has virtually no...
  3. Wobblers?

    Doberman Health
    Hey everyone, I am not sure if Riley has Wobblers... I have read through some of the threads on Wobblers but would still like to share my story in case anyone has any had something similar happen to their dobe, if they have any advice, etc. Saturday morning: I let the dogs out at 7:30 a.m...
  4. Reducing Activity

    Doberman Health
    I know usually people ask for advice on how to make their dogs more active, I am having the opposite problem. My seven year old female Doberman has recently been diagnosed with Wobblers Syndrome. As I’m sure you already know any form of treatment for this disease is highly expense. She has just...
  5. Help! Duke is dragging his front paw

    Doberman Health
    Hi Everyone, Duke is a red 7 year old mail. Unfortunately last month we discovered that he is Hypothyroid and has been on meds ever since. Around the same time he started dragging or "knuckling" his front right paw. Based on my research this can be a symptom of Hypothyroidism, Wobblers...