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white doberman

  1. Doberman Health
    Source. Posting this for anyone googling "white" dobes and Z-factor dobermans. To anyone interested in purchasing a "white" doberman, DON'T. Rescue one if you want one, but breeding Albinos is unethical for a number of reasons. Any breeder claiming that they are "whites" and not albinids...
  2. Anna And Gideon Dance Again

    Anna And Gideon Dance Again

  3. Anna And Gideon Dance Pictures

    Anna And Gideon Dance Pictures

  4. New member introduction
    Hello everyone, We are about to get a white doberman pup from the rescue shelter. He isnt old enough yet so we are still waiting. I was wondering if there is any input anyone would like to give us. We are a family of 2 and we have 0 dog experience. We are wondering if the white dobermans have...
  5. Sexy Sudee

    Sexy Sudee

    This is my female Doberman. Her name is Sudee Lou. She is almost 4 years old