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  1. buying a new puppy

    Puppy Corner
    Hi first time poster here, i am not sure if this would be the right section to post in, if not please let me know. thanks im planning on buying a new puppy and am very interested in this bread, however before buying im trying to do all the research I can regarding health and wellness, and...
  2. MaltiPoo who eats catfood

    Non Doberman Animal Talk
    I have a 4 year old (well she turns 4 on Dec. 10 this year) Maltese/Poodle mix named Crissy. I feed her Wellness Adult Small Breed food, but she is constantly eating our cat's food instead (Meow Mix). I have been reading about how the Wellness food doesn't have very much protein in it, but I...
  3. Wellness Brand Large Breed Puppy Food!

    Food and Feeding
    Hey! Does anyone else feed their dobie pup (mine is ten months) Wellness Brand Large Breed Puppy food? Toffee seems to love it and he is in good health and has a pretty coat! Should I be giving him any supplements in addition to his dog food? He does have some dry/flaky skin around his elbows...