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weight seems low

  1. Doberman Puppy Weight (Is he too small?)

    Puppy Corner
    My Male Doberman pup is 10 weeks old and only 14.2 pounds. The internet is a mixed bag, but general consensus is he's small for his age. He is eating about 3/4 cup 3x a day. Should I begin to really worry? He hasn't been dewormed yet but will be on Saturday, although I've seen no sign of worms...
  2. 13 week old male doberman puppy

    Puppy Corner
    Hi everyone! At 7 weeks old, I got a new doberman puppy. He's a red male, and we will not be cropping his ears. We had a question about his adult size. At 7 weeks old, right when we got him, he was about 9.5 pounds. Right now, a a little over 13 weeks, he is 25 pounds. From what I have seen...
  3. Worried about my 10 week pups weight

    Puppy Corner
    Got my pup 2 weeks ago and I thought he was growing just fine, but recently I started researching how much his weight should be and he's about 5 pounds under. His current weight is 15 pounds at 10 weeks. Also I'm not sure if its because of his docked tail, could his tail weight that much? Here...