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weight loss

  1. HELP! Dobermans and weight loss/gain

    Food and Feeding
    I am looking for as much help as I can get. I have a 1 year old Doberboy. His name is Sven. I have had a lot of trouble keeping weight on my boy. He eats like a horse. (We can go through a 50lb bag of kibble in a week) He just doesn't retain it. The vet was my first option. They did a...
  2. Losing weight/sick, or just growing?

    Doberman Health
    Zeus is a 13 month old intact male, about 26.5" tall, and is currently sitting at 65.5 lbs. Around 2 months ago, his weight was sitting between 75 - 80 lbs and looked quite healthy, but now his ribs and spine are very noticeable. He's being fed Blue Buffalo, but we switched him from large...
  3. What have I done (puppy not eating)!?

    Puppy Corner
    Hi guys! I'd like some advice please (silly me for thinking that just bc I spent an entire YEAR reading everything I could find about Dobermans before getting one that I could get through 2 weeks with Diesel Maxamilien before needing answers lol) First our puppy is 9 weeks old now and he was...
  4. Extremely high ALT liver count - help

    Doberman Health
    My baby Diesel, only 5 year old, is supposed to weigh 80 pounds. He weighs 60. His dramatic weight loss led me to the vet. We did bloodwork, his ALT liver count was EXTREMELY HIGH a month ago, I had it rechecked, it went up, and rechecked on Saturday, up again. Normal levels are below 118-ish...
  5. Doberman in heart failure

    Doberman Health
    I noticed my big guy was loosing weight at an alarming rate and would only eat table food, and my daughter brought it to my attention that he was breathing heavy when he was asleep. I thought maybe he was just be fussy food wise, he wasn't acting sick still energetic and barking his head off at...