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von siegruhm

  1. Happy Devi...

    Happy Devi...

  2. Kyzer


  3. Foster Boy

    Foster Boy

    4yr old owner surrender; Kyzer
  4. Zorro


    7yr old, Kaiser Max Von Siegruhm
  5. Tucson Police Dept K9 Walk..

    Tucson Police Dept K9 Walk..

    2011 - Best Trick
  6. Camouflage Devi...

    Camouflage Devi...

    Black dobe turns blue after dirt bath..
  7. Devi's Full Bite..

    Devi's Full Bite..

  8. Devi At My Work...

    Devi At My Work...

  9. General Training & Obedience
    Dog Master System - The Only Dog Training Method You'll Ever Need! Has anyone ever used this or know of someone that has used this? There was feedback posted from the owner of Pyrmont dobermans but that is the only reference that I would recommend. It sounds crazy but if it works, it...