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  1. Puppy Vomiting

    Puppy Corner
    Hello, I have a 9 week old doberman puppy who has vomited 5 times today but previous to this has not shown any health issues. He is fine immediately afterwards. He had a health check at the vet only a few days ago and was doing well. He has chewed on a bully stick before and it was all good...
  2. Any tricks to get your pup to eat when they are sick?

    Doberman Health
    My fiancé took Ziva to the vet yesterday as she had been able to keep anything down and was acting fatigued since Saturday. She would still hop up if she thought someone was at the door and wants to go outside if you are, but instead of running and playing around when she is inside, she just...
  3. Eating grass

    Doberman Health
    My dog vomited alot of grass this morning. I dont feed him table food. I feed him puppy food for large breed (Diamond). Last week he vomited alot of food too.
  4. 10 yr. old Dobe won't eat, drooling, lethargic

    Doberman Health
    Our 10 1/2 year old female Dobe started vomiting bile in October of 2011. This occurred about 1-2 times per week. Prior to this (since early 2009) her ALT (108, when 5-107 is the reference) and ALK. Phosphatase levels (866, when 10-150 is the reference) were very high. Her blood work was...
  5. Random vomiting, please help!

    Doberman Health
    Our Doberman, Harvey, is 2 1/2 yrs old. For a while now we have had some issues with this random vomiting. It will occur in the wee hours of the night 1am, 2am, 3am... It's usually 2 to 3 times that he will vomit and it's his dog food that comes up, a pretty large amount of it if not all. We...
  6. 9 Month old Dobie throwing up, not eating much.

    Breeding and Breeders
    My dobie Duke has thrown up some eggs and seems to not be eating much. I have 2 dobermans one is duke (9 month old male) and gabbana a 4 month old female. They fight and one day breed them. They both have all their shots but seems that the girl keeps duke up at all hours of the night. I was...
  7. 8 mo. old vomiting

    Doberman Health
    My 8mo old blue doberman, Maynard, sometimes vomits early morning when he first wakes up. He has had no diet changes, and it only happens some mornings (about 6 times total starting ~3 mos ago, usually 2-3 vomit spots). He eats Nutro Max brand dog food, never any problems. A lot of times...