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  1. Doberman Health
    Hello all! let me start off with a rant.. I grew up in Europe and clearly remember going to vet visits with my parents to get our pups checked. The topic of neutering does not usually come up until 8 or 9 months of age, even later. In fact a lot of people keep their dogs intact You can imagine...
  2. Doberman Related Chat
    My poor boy has a hematoma on his left ear about half the size of a ping pong ball. I took him to my local vet 3 days ago. They gave him prednisone and antibiotic. I’m so stressed out. He has a long crop and it took nearly a year of posting. His ears are so so pretty. I’m worried this hematoma...
  3. Doberman Health
    As most of you remember Roxy bloated about a month ago. Here is our episode about it. I hope all the information is correct and I put a link to a great bloat group in the description. You can hear in my voice how frustrated I was getting about the lack of urgency (something most of you are...
  4. Doberman Health
    Hi everyone. Since my previous post, a lot has happened. I stumbled across a dobie who had been abandoned at a doggy daycare, the daycare owner is a close friend of mine and notified me once they realized the previous owner was not coming back for the dog. I went to see her one night and brought...
  5. Doberman Health
    Posting this here.. click to read what happened and to help. Injuries sustained: 4 broken ribs, punctured/collapsed lung, pneumothorax, serious pulmonary contusions, torn open leg and damaged tendons.
  6. Doberman Health
    I'm looking for a new vet for my 9 month old doberman puppy. I have not had her spayed yet and after much research I'm planning on waiting until she's around 2 to do it if I do it at all. My current vet doesn't seem to like this idea very much. He's also very pricey. Does anyone know of a good...
  7. Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hey Everyone, I wanted to know what you think about ear postings and the length of time for a long-med crop to post. I paid for aftercare at Dr. Jezbera, and they said they will post them for me for as long as they take to stand. They have posed 5 times (Its been 1month 1 week) and they are...
  8. Ear Cropping and Posting
    My fiance and I just got a Doberman puppy. He is 8 weeks old. We have been searching for a vet in the Chattanooga, Tn area that is experienced in ear cropping but haven't had much luck. About how much should we expect to pay? And can anyone recommend a vet in my area who does ear cropping? I...
  9. Doberman Health
    Hi, everyone, I'm new to this forum. I need some advice from you guys. I have had many dogs in my life, but Bullet (the dog I need advice on) is my first doberman. He is a three year old rescue from Louisiana. As far as the rescue knows he is a purebred. He is 3 years old and weighs about 70...
  10. Ear Cropping and Posting
    I am getting my puppy next Friday from a breeder in GA. I was just informed by the breeder that her Vet that does all the ear cropping for her puppies will be closed for the Holiday and the week after (April 18-28). I don't want to wait to long to get the puppy's ears done so does anyone know of...
  11. Puppy Corner
    Hi, my Doberman is 8 wks old and he had his ears cropped 3 days ago. My vet did not bandage his ears after surgery. I was completely appalled at the sight of my little guy. He had blood all over his head. The wound was still bleeding and very swollen. Just looked raw and awful. I have never...
  12. Southwest US Region
    New to Orange County with a 7week old. Hoping to get some recommendations of where to go in Huntington Beach/Irvine area. Thank you! (Couldn't find anything via search)
  13. Southwest US Region
    Hello, Does anyone know of any good vets that has positive reviews on ear cropping? I do not want to go Tropicana Animal Hospital. I heard horror stories from there. Any help would be great. :thanx:
  14. Cody After Stitches Came Off!

    back from the vet riding shotgun on the Audi
  15. Margot's First Check-up

    10.2 lbs! (7 wks)
  16. Doberman Health
    So I searched the list of threads and gave up at around page 10, (I know...lazy) but I was wondering how often you bring in you dog or dogs in for routine visits, how much it usually costs you, what is the most you have ever paid in one visit, what are your bad experiences, all things Vet...
  17. Southeast US Region
    I live right on the coast of north Carolina and I'm looking for a good, reputable, Affordable vet hopefully near my location to get my puppy's ears done. I live in Jacksonville and the nearest surrounding cities are Wilmington, Greenville, kinston, and Raleigh. Thanks for any input in advance:)
  18. Doberman Related Chat
    How can i get my two 6 month old male puppies to be comfortable on a leash?? ive had a problem with since ive had them. in the past, for vet visits, ive just had to pick them up. but now, i cannot pick up 130lbs of puppy. i've tried treats, but they just stare at me like im crazy. please offer...
1-18 of 25 Results