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  1. Why is my 4 month old dobe throwing up?

    Doberman Health
    We started our now 4 month old,Twinkie, on Acana, but it was too high in protein we were told as she always had loose stools. So we switched to NOW brand. This was s bit lower in protein and fat, and close to a raw food diet. She cleared up fine even after we finished the pumpkin addition. Then...
  2. Hello hello

    New member introduction
    Hey everyone, new dobe owner here saying hello! I have a 13wk old red dobe and was curious about pig ear treats and if they are bad? Heard both yes/no and just wondering if they are what would be best treats for my lil guy, thanks
  3. Home Dehydrated Treats: Bananas, Sweet Potatoes, etc?

    Doberman Health
    Hello! Milly typically loves her Zuke's treats. She also will do anything for an ice cube. I recently purchased a dehydrator and have been testing some different things. I have read through the forums for some tips, but have some questions so I'd love your thoughts! - It sounds like dogs...
  4. Best Treats?

    Doberman Health
    Hello all, I searched for a while and could not find a thread discussing treats. I am hoping to find some information on the best treats for both doberman puppies and grown dogs. Organic? Certain brands? Etc? Thanks!