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  1. Man Trailing

    Obedience, Agility, and Working Sports
    Does anyone do man trailing with their doberdog? Zeus is taking beginner's agility classes once a week with an awesome trainer here in the Albuquerque area, and she does a lot of different classes both in person and online. I've taken/am taking her online Brain Games and Tricks courses, and...
  2. New to DT :-)

    New member introduction
    Hello everyone! :bye: I was a member of DT years ago with my last Dobe, who was the love of my life. Unfortunately, he passed away from an unexpected illness a couple years back. The members on DT were always so helpful and friendly, so thank you for that. After spending tons of time...
  3. Tracking training in the Des Moines, IA area?

    General Training & Obedience
    Hi guys I am considering tracking training for Wrigley. Anyone know of a tracking club or training in my area? I haven't checked with my obedience training facility yet, but thought I would jump on here and ask. Thanks!