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  1. Puppy starter kit-- ***feedback please***

    Puppy Corner
    Hey guys, Just trying to solicit some feedback on starting with a new puppy. I found some articles but didn't see any single post that had the bulk of info in it. This is my second Dobie-- I got my first Doberman 16 years ago and she's been gone for almost 5 years so it's been awhile. I'm...
  2. Puppy Homecoming!

    Puppy Corner
    I've been reading posts on DT for months now, but just recently joined, so hi everyone! I'll be bringing my puppy home in just a couple of days now and I've read extensively on supplies, what to bring/buy, paperwork, ear posting, and all of that fun stuff, but I'm just wondering how all of your...
  3. Dobie toys! (and instagram)

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hey everyone :) Have not posted in a while! Khaleesi has an instagram if you want to follow her I thought I'd start a post on dobie toys as Khaleesi is at the age where now no stuffed toy stands a chance :sweat: I've just done a bulk toy order which...
  4. indestructible toys

    Doberman Related Chat
    Needing suggestions for toys that can withstand long hours of doberplay. Effy has no interest in kongs or the other hard rubber toys. She lives to play tug and loves her rope toys, squeaky and stuffy toys more than anything, but I've recently had to start taking these all away from her within...
  5. Newbie in Gilbert, Az w a Dobbie and a Yorkie!

    Southwest US Region
    Hello everyone, Read a few post about Dobs playing rough as pups and there is typically no harm. I agree, but mine plays "8 month old Dobbie Rough" with my 8 yr old YORKIE (Who has NEVER, other dogs, ball, Frisbee, nothing!).... Kinda no choice now... lol
  6. Sucker for geeky technology!

    Doberman Related Chat
    I was just watching this documentary and saw these 2 things I had not heard of before that I thought were incredibly cool. I immediately wanted to tell someone about it then realized that everyone I would tell would just laugh and roll their eyes. Instead I thought I would share with a group of...
  7. Doberman-Proof Toys

    Doberman Related Chat
    Odin is a chewer. A serious chewer. He has never been destructive to any human goods other than a few socks, but he goes through toys like water. The only things that last more than a day is a large original style kong and a large nylabone. I have tried other kong products and just about...
  8. Best (chew proof) Squeaky Toys..?

    Product Reviews
    My Dobe LOVES squeaky toys. If she doesn't have something to chew on, she'll chew on me (lol). We've tried the Tuffy brand and she ripped it to pieces, though it was only a lvl 8 on the "tuffnes" scale. (It did last longer than most toys I'll admit). The Sherpa Go Dog Plush Dragon was suggested...
  9. New to site- First Dobie puppy. Seeking advice from the seasoned :)

    Puppy Corner
    Hello there! I am new to this forum and above all else Doberman ownership. I am soon going to be the proud parent of (hopefully) a red male. I am due to meet him sometime soon. At any rate, I will be having his ears cropped (IMO I love their regal appearance, and understand a majority of what it...
  10. Pillow sucking

    Doberman Related Chat
    Is there any alternative? My baby is about 15 months, and we've gone through toooooo many pillows. I tried to correct her when she used to do it, but she would through hissy fits, and it seemed to calm her before we go to sleep. At one point I was buying her her own pillows (the $1 ones from...
  11. Any good chew toys/balls that wont break?

    Doberman Related Chat
    My Axel destroys tennis-balls like its nothing, the only other toy that I have been able to find that withstands his jaws are Kongs and ropes. But he gets bored with them, and can some how untie the ropes. We have tried the Kong Wubba, and that lasted awhile, but when it ripped and he saw the...
  12. Shaking Toys (killing them?)

    Doberman Related Chat
    Ok, so here is a video of Kyuss shaking his toys... essentially "killing" them. I find it rather funny and cute, but I know this isn't a desirable trait. I've tried many different ways of getting him to stop from taking the toy away, to telling him "No" every time he starts, to not letting him...