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  1. Toronto Dog Trainer

    Canada Region
    Hey All, Im looking to get some information on reputable trainers for my doberman. He is a very smart boy, I have had good luck with training him at home and puppy obedience, but he's excelled way too quickly. I am having a hard time finding good reputable trainers in the city that are able to...
  2. Ear taping Toronto, Ontario

    Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hi guys, My Pinscher is about 8 weeks old and recently got her ears cropped. Her edges are still healing but looks very painful. Does anyone know how long it takes for the edges to heal? and what I can do to help her? Also I am looking for someone in the Toronto area who is familiar with...
  3. Need someone to help with posting TORONTO

    Puppy Corner
    Hi guys: So after doing some reading on her, I am really really concerned that Im going to mess up the ears on our lil guy. Ive done two postings now (using tampons super plus size). When I push them into the ear he seems to screech. Im afraid of hurting him. Also they are only lasting about...
  4. Toronto Doberman Pinscher Meetup Group

    Doberman Related Chat
    Welcoming all new members! This group is for the king of all dogs - the doberman! Come and join us for a great dober play date! Toronto Doberman Pinscher Meetup Group Meetups will always involve plenty of Doberman playtime + occasional interactive programs for humans on topics of interest...
  5. We're still around!

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hey everyone!!!!! I've been so freakin' busy over the past few months, I haven't had much time to check in here :) :wavey: The All about Pets Show was this past weekend, and I was at the K9 Rescue Me booth, promoting the rescue, the upcoming walkathon during Woofstock, and also selling my...