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therapy dog

  1. Zeus's Therapy Thread

    General Training & Obedience
    So because I see myself taking lots of pictures of Zeus's adventures in training these next however many months, I'm starting a therapy thread for him! For me to dump pics, ask questions of you all, vent any frustrations, etc. Again, I totally don't think he's ready yet, especially after...
  2. Looking for my first Dobe

    Breeding and Breeders
    Any CGC/ RTD breeder suggestions in my area? Hi everyone, I'm a long time lurker/researcher on this forum, but I just now created an account and this is my very first post. My ideal Dobe is a pet/companion that will grow into a running and hiking partner. I also volunteer at a local...
  3. The Popps would like to say hello!

    New member introduction
    :emo5:Hello everyone! we have a new family member! Sir TeaufulHaundt of Dorring Court! A black and tan male 4 month dobe! :write:Our family found your site while searching information on service dogs. My wife and I have been Doberman owners several years ago, and now in our 21st year of...
  4. Hello from Northern California!

    New member introduction
    Hi, just wanted to introduce myself on here. Found this amazing resource of a site while trying to find info on different Dobie breeders in my general vicinity. I do not own a doberman at the moment, we had one when I was a kid, and am in love with the breed. I am looking to get a pup in the...