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  1. Mercy!


  2. Mercy!


  3. Mercy!


  4. Big Girl!!

    Big Girl!!

  5. Breeding and Breeders
    Hi! We are interested in getting some info about doberman puppies somewhere on or near the Olympic Peninsula, and we are sometimes in Olympia or Seattle. Our goal is to find a pleasant, well- behaved little puppy, without formal AKC papers is all right. Good health and black/tan markings --...
  6. Sawyer (8 Weeks)

    Sawyer (8 Weeks)

  7. Sawyer (8 Weeks)

    Sawyer (8 Weeks)

  8. Sawyer (8 Weeks)

    Sawyer (8 Weeks)

  9. Sawyer (8 Weeks)

    Sawyer (8 Weeks)

  10. Sawyer (8 Weeks)

    Sawyer (8 Weeks)

  11. Duke


    Duke at his second favourite park in North Vancouver!
  12. Bismarck & Murdock

    Bismarck & Murdock

    Bizzy loves to cuddle with one of our cats.
  13. Bizzy


    Bismarck loves to run around the yard. He will stop next to you and wait. When you yell "GO!" he starts running in circles again. For some reason, he likes this game, and it's good exercise!
  14. Howie Again

    Howie Again

    Howitzer at 5 weeks after getting a bath from the breeder.
  15. Howie


    Howitzer at 7 weeks. He's still at the breeder's home.