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  1. Getting my puppy to like swimming!

    Puppy Corner
    I really want Pancho to enjoy the water, though I realize all dogs are different and some don't like the water while others do. As he is still a puppy, is there a way to acclimate him to swimming? If not enjoy being in the water, I'd like him to be able to at least tolerate it. Should I buy him...
  2. How Do You Get Your Dog to like water?

    Doberman Related Chat
    My doberman is a female, just over 1 year old. I take her to this lake near our house and she loves splashing around in the shallow water, but hates swimming. I even tried carrying her out, and holding her in deeper water, giving her lots of praise and she was grabbing onto me for dear life the...
  3. Swimming lessons

    Puppy Corner
    hiya Some of you asked me about swimming lesson experience so i decided to do this thread for you. Since day one I've noticed that our pup hates water to the extend that she would pee on the patio so she doesn't get her feet wet on a wet grass after the rain. I have done sm research and it...