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  1. Puppy diarrhoea and staph infection

    Doberman Health
    Hi everyone! Really need some advice Khaleesi is now 5 months old and has had a staph infection since I got her at 8 weeks. She was taken to the vet and put on a week's course of synulox. It cleared up and came back.. Another week's course. Then again got really bad after a week of being...
  2. Demodex and Staph

    Doberman Health
    My puppy, now 19 mos. Has been tested and scraped and confirmed with demodex and staph on his chin. We have been unsuccessfully treating him since he was probably about 6 months old. The only thing that worked was antibiotics,cephalexin, he was on them for 2 weeks then after a few days it came...
  3. Color spots- not CDA

    Puppy Corner
    Hello everyone. I've just acquired Astraphyra. She is already a part of our home and was meant to be since the beginning of time. She is 9 weeks and lives in a home with 3 great dogs and a thoughtful and eccentric owner. I hope to fill her potential. She is Blue and the question is (picture...