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  1. New member introduction
    Hi everybody - i think this is is a shot in the dark, but any advice is appreciated. I currently have a 10 month old Doberman. His ears were cropped at about 12 weeks, but the posting wasn’t consistent. Is it too late for him to have erect ears? I have heard that it’s too late. I have also heard...
  2. Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hey guys, I have a 5 month old that got his ears croppedon March 24, 2021?? From my understanding postings and standing takes months. I let his ears air out and they look good to go. I was wondering if we lucked up or not. It only took two wrappings for them to stand. Should I continue...
  3. Puppy Corner
    Hey all, My pup got his ears cropped last week. During the pickup I got some advice. They stated that our pup looked great on the first day but they started to notice a slight lean on Ovi’s front legs. They gave us Calcium pills and told us it could be his grain free diet that we switched him...
  4. Puppy Corner
    Haha! Oh the joys of owning a puppy. Check out my boy falling asleep whilst standing - wait until the end of the video for a gem of a moment. Cute Dobermann Puppy Falls Asleep Whilst Standing - YouTube
  5. Puppy Corner
    I had my dobermans ears cropped at 14 weeks of age (finally had the money saved up after buying him to have them cropped) and they still haven't stood up. My mothers dobermans ears stood up just fine (same litter) but mine didn't and I am the one that posted mine (she didn't just let them do...
  6. Puppy Corner
    Wrigley is 13 weeks today and I just took her posts down (second posting) Why does everyone keep posting until like 6 mos., if they are standing now? Just curious - thanks!
1-6 of 6 Results