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  1. The Show Ring
    Hello everyone. I am showing my eu dobe in EU so with that said stack is a bit different. IMO double handling that's popular here is really annoying for me and i want to do only solo that's why i am trying to perfect this. I can't seem to explain one thing to my boy and that's step (front paws...
  2. Now You Don't

    Lotty Stack
  3. Now You See Me

    Lotty Stack
  4. Attempting A Stack

    We decided to try and get Doc Holliday to stack. Here is our pitiful attempt. The woman in the background is the a lovely SFV Doberman Pinscher Club member who has been helping us tape the ears and wanted to try and get Doc to stack.
  5. Ronin's 5 Second Stack

    You know what's really hard? Putting a dog in a stand stay, running over to the camera and pressing the button with a 5 second timer, running back to your dog and trying to get him into some semblance of a stack! Gak how stressful!
1-5 of 5 Results