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  1. The Show Ring
    Hello everyone. I am showing my eu dobe in EU so with that said stack is a bit different. IMO double handling that's popular here is really annoying for me and i want to do only solo that's why i am trying to perfect this. I can't seem to explain one thing to my boy and that's step (front paws...
  2. Now You Don't

    Now You Don't

    Lotty Stack
  3. Now You See Me

    Now You See Me

    Lotty Stack
  4. Attempting A Stack

    Attempting A Stack

    We decided to try and get Doc Holliday to stack. Here is our pitiful attempt. The woman in the background is the a lovely SFV Doberman Pinscher Club member who has been helping us tape the ears and wanted to try and get Doc to stack.
  5. Ronin's 5 Second Stack

    Ronin's 5 Second Stack

    You know what's really hard? Putting a dog in a stand stay, running over to the camera and pressing the button with a 5 second timer, running back to your dog and trying to get him into some semblance of a stack! Gak how stressful!