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  1. Skin Issues, Sores and Bleeding Paws

    Doberman Health
    My 1 1/2 year old Doberman has been on Acana since I got him from the SPCA at 3 months. He has been on the prairie and fish. He had acne on his chin when he was younger and a growth on his bum that grew very large, then deteriorated on its own. He had a few ticks last summer while at my...
  2. Funky Feet!

    Doberman Health
    Hi guys! My Princess (Indie) has very sore horrible feet. Initially they were bleeding lots and had alot of wear in the paw pads. I am still thinking it was from too much running on the concrete. She was put on some antibiotics and it all healed up ok however this only lasted a week or so. It...
  3. Blisters on the Ears with Posting

    Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hi all - I am new to owning a doberman, and have had Krieg now for exactly a month today! He's just now four months old. I have a question about his ears. I've been posting with tampons and Jonas tape, just as his breeder did. I am careful not to wrap the tape too tightly. He hasn't had any...
  4. Please Help

    Doberman Health
    I read somewhere that a high protein diet can cause hotspots I have a 2 year old male dobberman I have had him for a year Im not sure what food he was on before. we give him high protein food and about 2 months ago i noticed him losing hair and about a week ago i noticed he has these spots that...
  5. Sores/acne bumps on the elbows and hairless elbow

    Doberman Health
    So Romeo my dobe, has this spot on his leg, a little higher than the side of his elbow, where there is no hair, and when the hair looks like it starts to grow back, he gets a break out of bumps which look like acne which I guess pops and bleeds. When we got him at 8 weeks old from this breeder...
  6. sores on legs

    Doberman Health
    I noticed them on her mother after having taken pictures the day we picked NaVaida up. Hadn't noticed them in her until today. They're like little gray scabs. Vaida only has two little ones; her mom had several. Any idea what they could be?
  7. Licking Problem

    Puppy Corner
    My dog Murphy is about 11 months old. He has been licking his back right hind leg (not the left) and has been doing so for a few weeks. This didnt seem abnormal because he licks absolutely everything all of the time. But he seems to be obsessive about this leg to lick and now he is starting...