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  1. Doberman Related Chat
    Hey everybody! So tomorrow Zeus has a playdate with some of his buddies from class. Most of them are long coated dogs. The play session is taking place at a ski area in the mountains, so of course there will be snow on the ground! Being a Central Texas girl, I barely know how to dress myself for...
  2. Winter Run

    Aslan, Echo, Juno
  3. Reese's First Snow

    I wish his face was in this pic but you can see the excitement even from the back. That coat won't fit him this year.
  4. Ziva At 3 Months Old

    Her first snowfall, and she loved it!
  5. Thorne At 6 Months Old

    First big snowfall of the season and he just wanted to sit there as we kept calling him to come in the house. He seems to like the snow :)
  6. Ilsa, March 1st

    Ilsa on a hike... stupid monster lips ruined an otherwise gorgeous shot!
  7. Ilsa On The Crest...

    Ilsa crests a snow covered hill!
  8. Snow dogs

    snow dogs
  9. Snow dogs

    snow dogs
  10. Snow dogs

    snow dogs
  11. more lex snow

1-11 of 11 Results