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  1. Doberman defensive behavior around other dogs

    Doberman Related Chat
    So I have a little girl doberman named Remi who is a little over a year old now. She also only has one eye which I feel might be relevant. She has had it since birth, her breeder told me it was a defect and she couldn't breed her because of it. Shes a very shy and sweet little girl, and only...
  2. My Dobe bites when scared

    General Training & Obedience
    Hi, I have a 15 month old male Doberman. Pretty well behaved except when he feels threatened. We leave close to a forest and there are bears walking on the street and even coming in the backyard. It happened a couple of times that he snapped at us. First on there street he started sniffing...
  3. Snapping

    General Training & Obedience
    I've got an ~8 month old dobe who I adopted at about 6 weeks old. She's been to a puppy training course, and responds really well to all the basic obedience commands (sit, down, stay, come, etc...). She and I go on 2-4 mile runs every day, and have several refresher training times lasting about...
  4. Growling if i rest my foot on him

    Puppy Corner
    I Cannot believe the nerve of my puppy. i feed him i walk him he jumps on me weely neely and then yesterday we are relaxing and i rest my foot on his back n he growls. My GF tries it and he tries to snap at her. i figured he is tired so i tried again today still doing the same thing growling and...