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  1. Puppy Corner
    Hello DobermanTalk users, I would like some insight/advice on the current situation of my 10 month old male dobie pup. Harvey turns 11 month old on April 10th, and we have noticed a slow in his growth for quite a while now. He is 70 lbs, which is pretty heavy but compared to other dobies his...
  2. Puppy Corner
    Hi all! My puppy, Cooper, is undersized for his age. Two days ago we took him to the vet, and at 1 week away from 6 months old, he is only 44lbs and 22in tall to the top of the shoulder!! Although we feed him DOUBLE what he's supposed to get (according to bag), he still seems just barely...
  3. Doberman Health
    Hello, All comments, concerns and advice welcome. I bought a female Doberman runt from a farmer North of the city I live. She seems to be in good health except for that she is 8-9 months old now and only weighs 45 lbs. I have looked through the forums and have not read of a doberman at this...
1-3 of 3 Results