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  1. Puppy Corner
    Hey guys, I have a 7 week old Doberman puppy. I got him with anticipation of him needing a lot of physical activity, but at his age I cannot do much. His only activities are roaming around outside during potty training, and following us around the house. Otherwise, he spends a lot of time in his...
  2. Snoozing

    Sleeping with my tounge out
  3. 1

    always seem to be sleepy
  4. 2

    always seem to be sleepy
  5. 3

    always seem to be sleepy
  6. 4

    always seem to be sleepy
  7. 5

    always seem to be sleepy
  8. 7

    always seem to be sleepy
  9. Tj And Pals

    TJ need to go on a diet after all the festive grub.....
  10. Doberman Related Chat
    I posted a video showing all the fear and despair of my dogs with fireworks. Please check at youtube: :nicejob: :thanx: (sorry about the bad video, I forgot about those boxes near the dogs) kkkk
  11. General Training & Obedience
    Here is some history, Zeus is now almost three. He gets 2 walks/runs a day. Has a good sized backyard to play in if he needs to. He is very good with other dogs unless they try to take away his toys or attempt to mount or bite him in the park. Two weeks ago, he was really sick (vomit & diarrhea...
  12. Simba

    Here's Simba sleeping on his back!
  13. Duchess In A Sweater

    9 weeks old and crashed out!
  14. Doc Holliday Sleeping

    Right after we got this little guy he decided it was nap time, so cute!
  15. Sleepy

    Dora on futon
1-17 of 17 Results