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skin allergies

  1. Skin Problems Pimples / Acne

    Doberman Health
    :idea:Hi there fellow Doberman lovers. I have a 16 month old male Blue Doberman. I started a new forum because there are numerous posts about skin problems. Most common are the pustules type pimples that folks talk about being a genetic dilution. Also some talk of allergies and many other...
  2. puppy having skin issues..HELP

    Doberman Health
    HELLO WERE NEW HERE AND NEED SOME ADVISE My wife and I took in a red 7 month old dob puppy in January. Before we got her she was kept outside in a crate, the poor thing..Kona is 10 months old now, and we are having an issue with her skin... her coat was pretty thick for a dob (I'm sure...
  3. 5 month Red doberman has skin problems please help!!!

    Doberman Health
    I have a 5 month old red doberman named bella, she is very well behaved and outgoing, I have had her since she was about 9 weeks old, I have had her to the vet about 4 different times and she has been nothing but healthy had all her shots, she has had ear infections in both ears but other than...