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  1. My Shy Zeus

    Puppy Corner
    Hello again everyone! I know what you're thinking: What are you asking NOW?? Haha! Well, my 14 week old pup had his second puppy obedience/socialization class today. He does ... eh ... "ok" at the obedience part. He's easily distracted by all the other people and puppies, though I assume that's...
  2. How to fix my Doberman’s “shyness”?

    General Training & Obedience
    My almost 4-month Doberman is afraid of everything! When we go for a walk, once I think of going somewhere he doesn’t know m, he starts freaking out, ducks his tail and pull like crazy, specially if there are cars. The pulling really annoys me as well, but I don’t want to address it as a...
  3. 4 mo nonsocialized puppy mill rescue

    Puppy Corner
    We rescued a 4 month old female last night. Malnourished, pot belly, bad dandruff, extremely shy, likes to hide in "caves". Took her to the vet, wormed, shots, and microchipped. Any diet tips, dandruff tips, help socializing.... Rescued a 4 month old female from a puppy mill. Never socialized...
  4. Curiously Protective Dobie Girl, Please Help!

    Puppy Corner
    Alright so my baby girl is turning 1 tomorrow and recently I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years to date a new guy who is just well, a better fit for my life. Now the problem is Rogue does not like anyone touching me, even my ex whom she had grown up around would get her biggest warning bark...
  5. Need advice on nervous/aggressive Doberman

    Puppy Corner
    Hi all, I have been involved in dog rescue for many years. I have seen fostered, transported, owned, and helped a great many dogs. Recently a general call went out to rescue groups about an 8 month old Doberman that was getting towards the end of her stay at a kill shelter. I felt very bad...
  6. My 14 months old Doberman is turning out skittish

    General Training & Obedience
    I had the dog from when she was 6 weeks old. I have two other dogs. She grew up quite normally, gradually working her way up to Alpha dog. No fights, she just pressed the issue with the others until they gave up their place in the chain. I have provided basic training and lots of socialization...
  7. Shy Mocha

    Shy Mocha

    Waiting in her cave for the blanket to be cleaned. Look at her pretending to be camera shy.