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  1. Stacking question

    The Show Ring
    Hello everyone. I am showing my eu dobe in EU so with that said stack is a bit different. IMO double handling that's popular here is really annoying for me and i want to do only solo that's why i am trying to perfect this. I can't seem to explain one thing to my boy and that's step (front paws...
  2. Conformation Critique?

    The Show Ring
    Hey fellow dobe lovers! :) I have lurked on this site many times but I figured it was time to finally become a member! Hehe. I have 2 beautiful dobes - an american female who is a year and a half (Mika!) and a 9 month Euro male (Dixon). I am looking at maybe training Dixon for conformation...
  3. Puppy Help!

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi my name is Ryan, and I'm looking to get a new Doberman pup! I'm extremely excited to move forward with this, but I don't want to rush into it at the same time. I need help picking out a good place to buy from, and from reading these forums you guys seem to know your Dobermans! I'm looking for...
  4. Show Crop Ear Styles

    Northeast US Region
    I am getting my 9 week old puppy's ears cut on Friday. I always liked the show cut, but I am not sure if I should get long show cut or just show cut. Whats the measurements of show cut and long show cut. Can some people send pictures of their Dobie's show cut styles along with the measurements...