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show ring

  1. Teach to look at me on walks?

    General Training & Obedience
    Hello everyone, I was wondering, how do you teach your Dobe to look at you while on a walk? I see this all the time in the show ring, and it would be super useful for me. Yen is so gentle and friendly when we go on walks, but anytime she sees a squirrel or other dog she perks up and 100%...
  2. My First Ringcraft Lesson

    The Show Ring
    Hi guys, It's been a while since I've posted. I hope everybody is well? I recently attended a 1-on-1 ringcraft lesson, which went far better than expected (I say that, as I had never been able to get him to stand correctly - because I didn't know how). Unknown to me, my boy already knew...
  3. Dressing for the ring

    The Show Ring
    Well, I'm due to start showing my boy in November and will have time to take 2 handling classes in the interim, so I hope to learn a few things. I've got most of what I need information-wise and dog wise... now .. for the clothes. I get that we're supposed to wear skirt suits and sketchers...
  4. New member: Looking for a Pro Trainer in California~

    New member introduction
    I have quite a few trainers wanting to train my pups however my husband didn't like the idea of sending our pups to another state.. sooo.. I am looking for a Professional trainer for my 3 Imported Doberman Pinscher pups .. First off I would like to get some good basic obedience training for...