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show dog

  1. 10 puppies and we'd like to leave 1 for show

    Puppy Corner
    Hi again to all... So my Dam just gave birth to 10 puppies (first litter). We'd like to leave at least 1 puppy to enter to a show. We've never done show before so any advice on what I should be looking for a small puppy potential for a show. Are females doing more good than males? Should I look...
  2. show quality/how to get started

    The Show Ring
    How do you know if your dog is show quality? I really know nothing about showing, but I would loooove to get into it. I just don't know where I would even start the process. suggestions/advice?
  3. Handler Intro in Texas

    New member introduction
    Hello everyone! I am excited to join this message board and look forward to getting to know you all! A little about myself, I live in Houston, TX. I travel to several shows a month professionally handling client dogs. I've been showing for 5+ years now and began as a junior handler in UKC...