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  1. Breeding and Breeders
    Hello everyone! Please excuse my rather amatourish English 'cause it's not my mother tongue!😬 Anyways, I've been interested in American Dobermans for a long time now, as I find them physically more appealing but also more suitable for my lifestyle, thanks to their temperament. I did a lot of...
  2. Breeding and Breeders
    Hello does anyone know any reputable breeders that dock and crop the ears of dobe puppies and also can ship to the UK? Since I really love the look of a dobe with a docked tail and cropped ears however that is banned in the UK.
  3. Puppy Corner
    Hello! Just found this great resource and hoped someone might be able to help me. Am getting a puppy from out of state and breeder will not ship. So I am looking at flying in to get the pup and flying with it in-cabin. Airlines say they allow pets in cabin in container that fits under seat --...
  4. Doberman Related Chat
    I am going to pick up my new dog at LAX in just over a week. I had planned to pick the puppy up when he arrives and handle the customs process myself instead of paying a Broker. I am not an Importer or Breeder so it was my understanding that it was acceptable to do this. However, during an...
1-4 of 4 Results