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  1. Shaky Head

    Midwest US Region
    I would love help on how to stop my dog from having a shaky head. She does this once every few months. Reading things online and apparently it is common for Doberman. She is 2 years old. She is my life and I just want to make sure these tremors aren't anything serious. Could I possibly...
  2. Head shaking and scaring me, help

    Puppy Corner
    Storm is my 6 month old fawn doberman. She is the first Dobe I've had. I noticed about a week ago when I had her ears posted up that she was shaking her head side to side. I thought it was the tapes irritating her ears so I took them off and it stopped. Well last night at about 8 after she had...
  3. Shaking posts off every time!!!

    Doberman Related Chat
    Okay so I've been trying to post my puppys ears and as soon as I'm done he shakes his head as hard as he can and they come out! it's very aggravating, I keep getting mad at him but not on purpose, how do I get him to stop shaking his posts out? How do I make them stay please help!!!!:confused:
  4. vWD percentage? And shaking ?'s..

    Doberman Health
    Two questions: I know there are many threads on here concerning vWD DNA testing but I haven't found one that concerns the vWD factor test. I work as a vet assistant but this disease perplexes me and I've seen vets be wrong before... my girl came back with a carrier percentage of 60%. The vet...
  5. Shaking Toys (killing them?)

    Doberman Related Chat
    Ok, so here is a video of Kyuss shaking his toys... essentially "killing" them. I find it rather funny and cute, but I know this isn't a desirable trait. I've tried many different ways of getting him to stop from taking the toy away, to telling him "No" every time he starts, to not letting him...