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  1. sores on legs

    Doberman Health
    I noticed them on her mother after having taken pictures the day we picked NaVaida up. Hadn't noticed them in her until today. They're like little gray scabs. Vaida only has two little ones; her mom had several. Any idea what they could be?
  2. has my dog got eczema???

    Doberman Health
    hi, just went to give my dog a cuddle this morning, and the next thing i know is that he has a scab type on his neck, yet, i have not seen this before, and dont think it had come from a play with another dog as it was not there yesterday. any suggestions to what it is?? i only say it is eczema...
  3. Scabbing is eating away at the ear tip. Help!

    Doberman Health
    I got my puppy's ears cropped at 10 weeks. The veterinarian did an awesome job of cutting them based on pictures my boyfriend and I supplied. The surgery went well-- Otto (my puppy's) ears even stood up for a full day after the cup fell off his head. We brought him back to the vet's so a...