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  1. Disaster Rubble Work Is Sooo Boring

    This is boring, whats next....dinner?
  2. Disaster Rubble Work

    Sure feet, sure help. But why am I wearing a PFD on land ?
  3. Glamour Shot Of Tally With Helo She Few On

    CalFire helo Tally got her first flight on.
  4. "get To Da Chopper" (in Arnold Voice)

    Tally doing a 'hot load' on a Coast Guard Helo
  5. High-line Training

    If this is soooo safe, how come there are sooooo many ropes ???
  6. High-line Training

    Hey I think I see a fish over there....or maybe a way out of this rig ?
  7. High-line Training

    Hey look at the camera, and quite looking so worried, I THINK we are safe
  8. Tally - Search And Rescue Training

    What do you mean, this is for horses only? I'm 'searching' and there is a great view from up here!
  9. Tally - Search And Rescue Training

    May 2011 (3 years Old)
  10. Tally - Search And Rescue Training

    May 2011 (3 years Old)
1-10 of 11 Results