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  1. General Training & Obedience
    Weekly, I have been sending fun dog training videos to my sister to work with her dogs just for a bit of fun. This week I was training Jax to pop his nose in a mud boot (random I know) Anyway, Roxy was watching and wanted to try, so I let her join in and hands down she beat Jax with speed of...
  2. Doberman Related Chat
    I have so many clips this week of Roxy and Jax at Bay St Louis. (I went there ALOT) for a 14 year old dobie she's still got it :x
  3. Roxy Chic

    Roxy Chic

  4. Doberman Related Chat
    Barkley is the red male, Ch Pennylanes March Madness Tazzman WAC and Roxy is my sweet black bitch, Tazzmans As You Like It